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Release Notes

Find here the release notes related to our album publications and other news. The release notes contain interesting background facts which we gathered while working with the repertoire, like findings about pitch, discographical inconsistencies and our proposed corrections, the different record labels, some images and our acknowledgements. They contextualise our releases:

Todos de Edgardo Donato 1940-1945

Edgardo Donato all recordings 1940-1945

The present restoration project makes available as high resolution downloads the complete 42 recordings of «Edgardo Donato y sus Muchachos» made at the RCA Victor

Osvaldo Fresedo all recordings from 1940-1948

The present restoration project is the continuation of our first collection « Todos de Osvaldo Fresedo 1933-1939, TTT4 » published in 2020. It contains all

Lucio Demare all recordings from 1938-1968

The present restoration project provides the complete 79 recordings of Lucio Demare and his orchestra made at the Odeon, Columbia, Pampa and Disco TK labels in Buenos Aires between 1938 and 1956. We also include two vinyl records: the Music-Hall record from 1959 containing four recordings with the singer Tania and the last solo record of Lucio Demare containing 14 titles issued in 1968 under the Disc Jockey label.

Pedro Laurenz

Pedro Laurenz all recordings from the years 1937-1968

The present restoration project makes available as high resolution downloads the complete 68 recordings of Pedro Laurenz and his orchestra made at the RCA Victor, Odeon and Pathé labels in Buenos Aires between 1937 and 1949. We also included all 12 vinyl titles from the LP record issued in 1968 by the Pedro Laurenz Quintet under the Microfon label.

Juan D’Arienzo the years 1940-1949

Release Notes for the Album “Todos de Juan D’Arienzo 1940-1949” published on Oct. 2020 by Tango Time Travel. It contains all 230 studio recordings of the orchestra during these years as high resolution downloads!

The Time Machine

Tango Time Travel

Presentation of Tango Time Travel. Tango Time Travel is a music restoration project which provides high quality digital transfers from original shellac and early vinyl records.